Trade Promotion Management

From margin drain to profit generator

Promotion and related trade spend are increasingly getting management attention. The whole organization feels the consequence of promotions, some in volume, some in value or in both. With immature processes and unfit tooling support, planning promotions is complex and time consuming while the effects and profitability of the promotions remain unclear. How to make better decisions in less time? Take your development in your own hands.  The solution lies in collaboration between functions in combination with tools that drive learning behavior and decision taking.

EyeOn offers multiple options to start your development path like a promotion forecast scan, a promotion planning approach and a promotion management approach. On top, visualfabriq, a trade promotion management tool supplier, is an EyeOn partner which will bring extra knowledge to the table.

The benefits


Higher effectiveness of promotions


Higher return on investment for promotions


Aligned decision taking and budget control


One source of truth on promotions

More information

Fact-based insight in the effects of your promotional sales

Promotions have a severe impact on business planning

Team up in Trade Promotion Management

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