Planning systems

Our experts have broad experience in the following areas: 


Planning Cycle Excellence

In order to remain competitive, international companies need to run their planning cycles at a higher speed and much more accurately than before. A lot of companies invest in improvements to their planning cycle. Despite these investments, a lot of companies are unable, in practice, to run their planning cycles at an excellent level. EyeOn Solutions has developed a successful service to support large companies in running an excellent planning cycle. 


Product consultancy

With years of experience on products from leading vendors of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant CPM suites (Cognos Planning, Hyperion Planning), combined with cloud-based products with a proven track record like Steelwedge, Anaplan, Adaptive Planning and Visualfabriq our experts can give you an independent advice on various business planning systems. Training, certification, research and close cooperation with innovative software vendors ensures up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the possibilities these systems can offer our customers.EyeOn can deliver solutions in the following key areas:

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
Performance management applications support the creation of financially focused budgets and plans and should support the complete budget creation and approval process with appropriate workflow that enables users to define and control the flow of budgets, plans and forecasts for review and approval.

Profitability Modeling and Optimization
Activity-based costing applications determine and allocate costs at a highly granular level. Furthermore, applications in this category enable users to model the impact on profitability of different cost and resource allocation strategies with a focus on profit optimization.

Financial and Management Reporting
Financial reporting solutions incorporate templates, business rules, workflow and audit trails to better meet regulatory, compliance and governance programs. Management reporting solutions produce management reports used by executives at corporate and business unit levels to manage and explain financial performance.

Business Intelligence
Including reporting, dashboards to support the decision-making process.


Project management

Proper project management is key for a succesful implementation of a planning and control system. EyeOn Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to support you during the four phases of the project life cycle.
1. Initation;
2. Planning;
3. Execution;
4. Closure.

We use the methodology best fitting your organization, making sure to deliver a system on time, within your budget and with the highest quality.



The last years the domination of spreadsheets seemed to have decreased. A lot of companies consider the use of dedicated planning software. They no longer want to depend on a complex Excel model, which can only be maintained by one person at a time and which restricts the accessibility for other employees. A successful system starts with a decent implementation that fulfills your requirements. EyeOn Solutions experts make your systems work. We do this in close collaboration with our clients.


Implementation of software solution is a one time project. The amount of resources spent on customizing, updating, maintaining and supporting a planning or budget system often overdraws the amount spent on buying your solution. The post-implementation activities can be part of your own organization, but EyeOn Solutions is able to support you with this as well.

We can take care of the following post-implementation activities:
– Providing a continuity of services to keep your planning and budgeting systems up and running.
– Executing mandatory upgrades due to changes in governmental regulations or changing business requirements.
– Supporting user requests to enhance your systems.
– Facilitating future maintenance. E.g., creating documentation and restructuring code which will make it easier for you to do the maintenance yourself.