Interim planning

Is your planning giving you headaches? Are your own planners overloaded? Are you in the middle of an organizational transition and in need of temporary additional planning power? EyeOn offers the “Interim Planner+” concept to help you deal with your operational planning challenges and to get back on track again.

The EyeOn Interim Planner + concept offers you:

  • Hands-on planner capacity to do the planning job!
  • Planners with excellent educational backgrounds in supply & demand chain planning.
  • Planners with excellent IT system and planning tool knowledge.
  • Planners with first class experience in various planning areas e.g.:
    – Forecasting & Demand planning
    – Supply chain planning
    – Master Production Scheduling
    – Production planning and scheduling
    – Inventory control

The “+” means that the planner has a hands-on mentality and next to that the drive to improve the planning processes from within your own organization. You do not only get temporary planning power but also improved planning processes such that the Interim Planner + can leave your organization again while your planning process itself got a boost. The Interim Planner + will bring new ideas and the capability to realize significant process improvements. The “+”also stands for the home base of EyeOn business consultants where the Interim Planner + can rely and lean on. Business class planning power that’s the “+”!

If you need to go one step further and need temporary planning management capabilities then EyeOn will help you. We can offer experienced managers who can temporarily take over your planning or logistics management.

Damen Shipyards

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