The inventory challenge

How can you reduce your working capital?

How can you manage your safety stocks?

Where should you hold your inventory in the supply chain?

Your supply chains have become more complex. Your markets are increasingly volatile and manufacturing output remains variable. High-performance inventory management can make a real difference for you here. Optimizing your inventories while delivering the desired service to the market, remains one of the key elements for supply chain management.

Inventories are an inevitability in the mitigation of supply and demand uncertainties. At the same time, if you can reduce your inventory, you can immediately reduce your exposure to risk. With the added benefit of improving your organization’s responsiveness and flexibility. Within most organizations, there is plenty of room for simultaneously lowering inventory levels and increasing customer service. Is this true for your company too? Joining our customer journey could provide you with these answers and more. Let us win your trust as a partner for tackling your inventory challenges!

The customer inventory management journey







Quickly gained insights in your inventory health, possible (quick) wins and a business case.


Increased your planning maturity with our tailored inventory optimization approach.


From optimization to operationalization via planning services or suitable APS-implementation.


Drive harvesting results, embed knowledge and tools and monitor improvement progress.

Our inventory products

Inventory assessment

Identified benefits and quick wins of a data-driven safety stock setting on stock value and service level.

Inventory optimization

Implemented safety stocks and lot sizes based single- or multi-echelon optimization techniques, taking into account demand characteristics and other business decisions.

Inventory services

Optimized inventory parameters provided by our experts on a periodic basis “as a service”.

Inventory Master class

Introduction into the design and implementation of robust inventory management practices that drive your business.