Accelerated results, boosted capabilities at Elanco


Established in 1954, Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (ELANCO) is a market leader in protecting and enhancing animal health. This global animal health company views animals as key to solving global health care, food security and sustainability challenges. In addressing animal disease prevention and treatment, as well as future protein and health needs, Elanco works with global customers, veterinarians and industry leaders.

Data analytics are used to gain greater insight into current and future customer and market needs so that its products effectively answer these needs. This research-based company develops innovative products and knowledge services in more than 90 countries.


In mid-2017 Elanco launched a project to build a forecasting centre of excellence. After assessing and developing a roadmap, EyeOn designed and implemented a new process which received board support. The company helped Elanco prepare for data-driven demand planning. In addition to the new process, EyeOn was instrumental in creating a new organization which involved setting up and running a training programme for a central analyst team in India.

During the coaching of the first six forecasting cycles, Elanco also received insightful forecast reports as part of EyeOn’s comprehensive service. The entire global implementation of the new process as well as the setting up and training of the new organization, took all of six months in total. After just two months, Elanco’s forecast accuracy had already increased by 5%.

Forecast performance and capabilities swiftly improved due to collaboration with EyeOn. Elanco prized EyeOn’s best-in-class visualization of data. Besides using this data to successfully reach forecasting targets, Elanco plans to use this data for other purposes as well.

‘We met a couple of team members here at EyeOn (experts in databases, in the forecasting process and in models).
This helped us shape our ideas. It helped our project move fast, much faster than we had anticipated.’

Klaus Wenig

Director Supply Chain Ext. Manufacturing, Elanco

We have a number of experts in our company, but the great thing about EyeOn is that we could get the condensed experience of hundreds of different companies.’


‘Having EyeOn as an external consultant come in and give us advice, we could confidently say: ‘’this is an externally evaluated best-in-class method’’. That gave us a lot of confidence and allowed us to successfully move ahead with the project.’

Dylan Lilienfeld

Supply Chain Manager, Elanco

What does EyeOn stand for?

In striving for success, large companies have to continuously struggle against growing internal complexity. We help our clients manage this complexity by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for this success. In order to achieve this, we develop and share knowledge about top level planning and forecasting, with constantly demonstrable return on investment for our clients.


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