On October 12th the high-tech team of EyeOn organized another roundtable. The main topic on the agenda was collaboration in the equipment supply chain.

Two EyeOn consultants, Emile van Geel and Bram Vercammen, have performed questionnaires with the network companies to gather insights on collaboration. The research included discussing successful and less successful initiatives, success factors for collaboration and the willingness to share certain information. We found that collaboration is a hot topic, though companies are often struggling to launch initiatives successfully. There is also a willingness to collaborate more in the future, companies have a desire for more information and control, and at the same time are willing to share more information. This is generally true for both upstream and downstream information flow.

During the session a case was presented by a representative of Schneider Electric about successful collaboration with several key accounts. Together with the whole group challenges and success factors have been discussed. From the interviews and roundtable session it is clear that the most important factors are, in order of importance: trust, leadership, information sharing / decision synchronisation and incentive alignment.

Do you want to learn more about supply chain collaboration or join the high-tech network? Don’t hesitate to contact Emile van Geel or Bram Vercammen.