On May 16th, EyeOn hosted a network event on “No-Touch S&OP, what happens in practice” in Breda.

Around 30 participants were shown practical and inspiration topics to help bring their supply chains closer towards No-Touch S&OP goal.

EyeOn No-Touch S&OP framework

Over the past years technological developments have created a big opportunity for companies to improve their S&OP planning processes. By taking advantage of these opportunities, some enterprises are already taking key steps towards the goal of No-Touch S&OP. EyeOns vision is that No-Touch S&OP cannot just be achieved through technological development, but different building blocks that encompass integral processes across the value chain, excellent data, enabling applications, high quality analytics, organizational readiness and decision focused culture are necessary to reach the No-Touch S&OP goal.

No-Touch via Fast Planning Tooling

Tata Steel shared its journey using technology to improve its S&OP process. The attendees were able to learn from the challenges and appreciate the benefits that Tata Steel experienced in their implementation of Fast Planning Tooling to move their S&OP process towards a more automated cadence.

Inspiration sessions

These sessions provided examples for the attendees about S&OP improvements in different areas needed to reach No-Touch S&OP. The topics included:

  • No-Touch data based on Data Engineering
  • Narrow No-Touch versus Strong No-Touch
  • No-Touch People & Organization

Key insights from the day

  1. Although it is coined “No-Touch” it makes sense to prepare your organization. Many small steps in different areas make a big difference.
  2. Algorithms are demanding and need to be fuelled by (a lot of) high quality data. Start collecting / improving your data quality as of tomorrow.
  3. Start the change by implementing supply chain visibility and transparency, afterwards move into building a future-proof digitally enabled supply chain through implementations / pilots to demonstrate the success of advanced planning.

Below you can find some of the materials that were shared during the day: