Our network events on Advanced Planning Systems (APS) were held at Croy Castle in Aarle-Rixel on 17 April and at Lindner Hotel in Antwerp on 19 April. The 50 participants went home having learned how to use planning tools optimally in their organization. The benefits an organization can reap from successful implementation of these powerful planning tools are many. All this became apparent during these one-day network events.

Failproof APS not just for beginners

Implementation of an APS isn’t always easy. There are business and IT challenges which must be addressed. EyeOn has an APS Compass to guide you through business and IT dilemmas that occur during process design and implementation. This Compass also helps you organize and improve results during and after the go-live.

When choosing the right tools for your planning processes, these 8 key points require attention:

At the event in Aarle-Rixtel an inspiration market was held in which participants could listen to three short presentations on Insights in Forecasting, Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain optimization using apps.

During the days several APS user requirements and implementation cases were shared along the audience to capture the best practices and learnings. At the end of the day, there was a short session on the capabilities of people in order to successfully implement the APS-tool. The event concluded with an informal networking reception where drinks and snacks were served.

Below you can find the slide-decks which were shared during the days:


Impression NL event April 17

Impression BE event April 19