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EyeOn helps large companies to control complexity and get grip on uncertainty by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for success. EyeOn bundles, develops and shares top level knowledge about planning and forecasting, resulting in continuous efficiency for its clients.

EyeOn’s experts educate forecasting and planning practitioners (on both operational and managerial level) in the planning-process fundamentals and key success factors. Matching academic frameworks, proven implementation methodologies, best-in-class industry practices and interactive exercises train how to define and execute sustainable improvements in planning processes to increase quality, speed and effectiveness.

Follow one of our master classes

Improve your skills and share experiences and best-practices concerning Planning & Forecasting. EyeOn organizes the master classes on a regular base. It is an unique opportunity to meet and discuss with peers from other companies. Complete overview of dates and possibilities can be found at the bottom of the page.

In-house master classes

Besides our regular master classes, EyeOn facilitates in-house master classes. The master class will focus on specific business challenges and adjusted to your company situation.

Online master classes

EyeOn also facilitates Online master classes. We are aware of the attention span of online training courses and have therefore chosen to split the program into 6 half days. The master class contains interactive elements and gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss with peers from other companies. It is possible to follow all master classes online! Download the leaflet  of the online master class Forecasting & Demand Management here.


If you would like to know more about our master classes or sign up for one of the courses, please contact our event team at Does our dates and location not match your preferences? Get in touch and we find together new opportunities.  

Forecasting & demand management

Improve your Planning & Forecasting with Analytics

Effective Project Planning & Control

Inventory Management

Robust Supply Planning

Effective customer driven S&OP general

Feedback from participants

”Excellent presentations and insights on inventory management. Good mix of concepts, practical examples and statistical formulas.”
participant from Merck

”I would like to sincerely thank you for the great opportunity that you provided. The topics were practical, to the point and really eye opening to me. The two day stay at the Croy gave me the assurance that I am on right track on my methodology for re-design of our current supply chain.”
Mohsen Hashemi, Supply Chain Coordinator ICRC

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