Re-designing demand planning

Many companies know very well how hard it is to reach process alignment in complex production environment where every department has its own vision of how the process should look like, which tools are to be used and how everybody needs to communicate. Very often this results in suboptimal performance and lost efficiency, such as low forecast accuracy and underuse of IT solutions.

Our client, a Dutch chemicals supplier with global presence, wished to overcome similar legacy complexities in demand planning process and involved EyeOn for guidance and facilitation.

The following steps were taken:

  • A series of cross-functional workshops was organized to identify improvement possibilities in the current demand planning process
  • Improvement solutions were assessed and clustered to areas such as ‘statistical forecasting’, ‘collaborative forecasting with customers’, ‘simplifying and harmonization of KPIs’ and ‘redesign of sales enrichment views’
  • Validation and sign-off of improvements in multi-disciplinary sounding board and validation team were realized.

As the result of the project, functional and technical design documents were developed to support optimized demand planning process and to enhance demand planning tool. Equally important was achievement of alignment and commitment of all relevant parties of the demand planning process.