Building strong planning basics

Growth comes with a price, and if organization wants to maintain high service level while growing its business and keeping costs under control, it is virtually impossible to get away with not having proper master planning process.

Our client, a mid-size packaging produces from Benelux, had a goal to fix a number of performance issues, such as long lead-times and suboptimal inventory levels leading to lower service levels.

EyeOn addressed this project from multiple sides:

  • By building and parametrizing IT tools to manage inventory planning and capacity planning
  • By providing operational support, fulfilling the newly created role of master planner on an interim basis
  • By setting up capacity management process resulting in recommendations in capacity investments and ability to level supply
  • By developing reports to track relevant KPI’s on supply chain performance such as schedule adherence and inventory levels

The project helped to build a healthy basis for supply chain operations and further growth of the company, addressing those performance indicators that were most relevant to creating value for the client and client’s customers.