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Cyclical demand patterns, short product life cycles and complex production processes create challenging circumstances for companies operating in the High Tech area. EyeOn expertise helps companies to constantly adapt their planning processes to remain successful in this environment.

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Companies operating in High Tech often face similar challenges. By exchanging experiences and sharing best practices on Planning & Forecasting topics between peers, every company benefits from the learnings. EyeOn enables knowledge sharing through hosting inspirational knowledge network events for Planning & Forecasting professionals in the High Tech industry. Discuss the latest trends and innovations in your field, exchange knowledge with peers and learn from best practices during our events!

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S&OP Assessment

Identifying the key improvement points

Forecasting sales patterns

Optimizing data models, increasing order intake

S&OP planning solutions

Providing robust solutions, installing drumbeat for tactical planning

Production deployment process

Controlling the production scheduling process

Statistical forecast

Improving forecast accuracy and financial insights

Capacity planning

Efficient use of production assets and delivery


Dynamic demand prediction in times of Corona

Dynamic demand prediction in times of Corona

Using order book data to enhance your statistical forecast The vast majority of companies rely on statistical forecast models to predict their demand. These models use time series of historical sales to estimate future demand. A key assumption of these models is that...

Forecasting and planning during the corona crisis

Forecasting and planning during the corona crisis

The challenge As this unique month is coming to an end a new challenge is presenting itself for supply chain specialists. By now everyone world-wide is facing some impact of the corona virus. For sales and operations planning (S&OP) this means: in a few days the...

The new digital reality of S&OP

The new digital reality of S&OP

The current fast changing demand and supply world does not wait for next month’s S&OP cycle. There is a big need to increase speed and quality of decision-making and to reduce data latency. To cope with the abundance of signals influencing the supply chain, there...

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23/09/2021 12:00 - 13:00 Online Webinar: Design your supply chains for the post-pandemic world

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