From supply chain thinking… to circular thinking
EyeOn is specialized in optimizing value chains from supplier to customer. By creating insights based on large amount of data, showing relevant relations and advising on improvements in processes we can reduce waste.

EyeOn has the ambition to help our customers to:

1.           Get insights & create awareness in their chain 
2.           Make fact based decisions and set priorities based on insights
3.           Optimize processes within the company and the chain

Over the past years we gained a lot of experience at leading companies. Some of our cases result in significant reduction of waste, a high decrease of returned goods, and a decrease in obsolescence of medical disposables. Let’s make 
the change from supply chain thinking to circular thinking together. Better insights result in prevention of waste, which saves money and is better for our environment.

UN sustainability goals
Within EyeOn we believe that organizations perform better when they look ahead and anticipate on potential future developments. We help our customers to achieve their goals and to eliminate non-value add activities & organise better. Getting the integral insights & improving collaboration between persons, functions & entities.

In January 2018 EyeOn used the UN sustainable development goals as a starting point to work on a more solid way of working to contribute to a more sustainable world. Internally we started initiatives on reducing our carbon and waste internal footprint by saving on food waste, reduce printing, travel greener by electric cars, compensate CO2 emission of flights and using more
public transport. Every quarter we make publish an infographic.

Since 2013 EyeOn organizes the EyeOn night run to collect donations for a charity. Wensambulance Brabant, Inloophuis De Cirkel, Artsen zonder Grenzen, KWF Kankerbestrijding and Stichting ALS received donations as results of this initiative.

In 2017 we shared our knowledge during a hackaton with Doctors without Borders in Barcelona, to define improvements for the supply chain processes. In 2018 we visited International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva. We helped them with a quick scan to improve their inventory management for medical supplies, offered hands-on support to improve their dashboarding and with their planning team we had a brainstorm on performance measures and establishing realistic targets. We donated several tickets to the EyeOn master classes on Forecasting & demand management & Inventory management.

Since January 1, 2019 EyeOn joined the foundation ‘Samen tegen Voedselverspilling. This foundation is a collaboration between Dutch companies, organisations, scientists, government and consumers to reduce food waste with 50% by 2030. With our expertise EyeOn contributes.