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Date(s) - 11/03/2019
12:45 pm - 5:15 pm


Project & Low volume high value industry dynamics
Forecasting and planning are an important part of any business process. Accurate planning drives decisions and helps managers to develop strategies, identify priorities and to allocate resources. This especially holds for companies selling and producing low volume – high value products like industrial tools and equipment, food processing equipment, ships, cranes or construction equipment. Complex sales processes, technological innovation and manufacturing processes combined with essential supply chain support define the company’s success.

Managing the dynamics in the above described industry requires specific approaches. The concept is too complex to deal with in one session. In this field three areas combined need to be in control to be successful. EyeOn will facilitate network sessions on each topic to dive deep in the industry learnings and essentials of the do’s and don’ts to become successful.

• Part I: Funnel forecasting
• Part II: Supply Planning
• Part III: Orderbook management

In this area funnel management, capacity planning, inventory management, supply management and also installation management are key elements.

Part I: Funnel forecasting
In a low volume – high value environment, future demand is highly dependent on the quantity and maturity of opportunities, and the effectiveness of sales in converting these opportunities into orders. The sales success depends on elements like technology, large dollar value with associated financing, logistics, competitor offering or a combination of these factors. The likelihood of scoring the order is different progressing in each stage of the sales funnel. A high-quality forecast combines insights from historical sales, sales funnel information and the account managers insights.

The goal in this group is to share knowledge, experiences and best practices among industry peers. When this is of interest for you, you definitely should be part of this new EyeOn group. We kindly ask you to confirm your participation in order to secure your seat. Please send your confirmation to paulhusslage@eyeon.nl.

Details of the event

  March 11, 2019 – 12.45 – 17.15 hrs. Drinks and snack will be served afterwards. The event includes a company tour at Marel production facilities.
  Marel Poultry, Handelstraat 3, Boxmeer
Participation is free-of-charge and on invite only. However please contact us, if you know people that are also interested in attending.