Date(s) - 29/03/2021 - 12/04/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm



In theory supply planning is about having the right product available at the right time in the right place. Unfortunately, daily reality in many companies is short-term problem solving. Supply planning focusses on fulfilling a companies’ market requirements respecting the constraints of a complex production environment. In fact, it is a complex balancing act to match supply capabilities with (future) demand in a manner that financial and service objectives of the company are met. The supply planner plays an important role in this process by continuously making trade-off decisions which can have a significant impact on the performance of a business as a whole.

This EyeOn Robust Supply Planning training is designed to introduce the key concepts and core requirements needed to design and implement robust supply planning practices that drive your business. The training elaborates on how to integrate different elements of the supply chain to create a coordinated system and explains how to make the link to an overall business strategy.

Learnings of the EyeOn master class
After attending this master class you are able to:

  • Define and execute improvements in your supply planning process to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand key supply planning elements and concepts
  • Identify how to integrate supply planning into critical business processes (like S&OP and Order-to-Cash)
  • Define and implement meaningful KPIs and metrics for supply planning
  • Evaluate skills and competencies needed in supply planning
  • Understand key drivers and decisions in organizing an effective supply planning organization
  • Leverage ICT solutions to better support your (future) supply planning capability
  • Circumvent potential obstacles and barriers to changing the supply planning process

This course also offers a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with your Supply Planning peers from other companies. The training includes real life case examples and short tool and reporting demos.

Details of the master class 

29 March – 12 April, 1,5 days
Online via Teams
€1695,- for 1,5 days
 You will receive a certificate afterwards
Stijn Rutjes
Maximum of 4-8 participants. Participants are Supply (Chain) Planners, Supply (Chain) Managers, Production planners, S&OP Managers.


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