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Date(s) - 18/11/2020 - 19/11/2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

EyeOn Office Belgium
EyeOn Office Belgium


“How to reduce working capital?”, “How to manage safety stocks?“, “Where to hold inventory in the supply chain?”. As supply chains have become more complex, markets are increasingly volatile and manufacturing output remains variable, high-performance inventory management can make a real difference. Optimizing inventories while delivering the desired service to the market, remains one of the key elements of supply chain management.

Inventories have always been the result of strategic decisions, forecasting (in)accuracy and sometimes risk avoidance. At the same time, inventory management is investment management. Enormous amounts of working capital are invested in future sales. Investing in the wrong inventory will result in substantial costs.

What are the best practices to implement optimal inventory policies? How to keep these policies up-to-date in an everchanging environment? And how to effectively deploy inventory strategies?

Learning goals of EyeOn master class

This EyeOn inventory management training is designed to introduce the key concepts and core requirements needed to design and implement robust inventory management practices that drive your business.

After attending this inventory management master class you are able to:

  • Define and execute improvements to your inventory management process.
  • Circumvent potential obstacles and barriers to changing the process.
  • Identify how to integrate inventory management into critical business processes.
  • Implement meaningful measurements for inventory management.
  • Evaluate skills and competencies needed in inventory management.

This course also offers a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with your inventory management peers from other companies in the industry. The training combines theory with many real life case examples.

Details of the master class 

18 & 19 November 2020 – 09.00 – 17.00 hrs
 Antwerp, Belgium
€1695,- excl. VAT, training documentation and lunch included, dinner and lodging excluded
 You will receive a certificate afterwards
Ieke le Blanc & Maarten Driessen
Maximum of 4-8 participants. Participants are Inventory Managers, Inventory Analysts, Supply (Planning) Managers, S&OP Managers, Supply Chain Managers

More information & sign up
Please find more information in the leaflet Masterclass Inventory Management. If you would like to attend this 2 day inventory management training or request further information, please contact our event team at academy@EyeOn.nl.

Please contact us when location or date doesn’t suit you, so we can find a suitable date and location for this event.