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Lighten your load. Let us assist you with advanced forecasting, inventory
optimization and end-to-end supply chain insights


Working at EyeOn is a great way to develop yourself as a person,
as an individual, as a professional in the field of planning
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Demand Planning in uncertain times

Generating a high quality forecast that drives supply chain performance.

Creating E2E visibility

Creating end-to-end insight for the supply chain is the key starting position for avoiding unnecessary waste, obsolete stocks and product shortages.

Scenario Planning

Valorize the financial impact of several demand and supply scenarios.

Inventory optimization

In times when supply and demand are volatile, inventory optimization must be a priority.


Accelerate and improve decision-making in the supply chain.

Supply planning improvement

You know the control of your supply planning processes falls short of the mark.


Accurate forecasting: Invest in a data-driven culture

Accurate forecasting: Invest in a data-driven culture

Our Planning & Control and IBP expert Marco van Alfen shares 4 steps that are necessary to achieve a data-driven culture in forecasting. In this article from Financieel Management you can read how it all comes down to making the right investments (article in Dutch).

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What is a backorder and how can it be reduced?

What is a backorder and how can it be reduced?

A backorder is an order for a good or service that cannot be filled at the current time due to a lack of available supply. The item may not be held in the company's available inventory but could still be in production, or the company may need to still manufacture more...

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Getting digital, go human!

Getting digital, go human!

We are living in an age of astonishing progress empowered by digital technologies. This has entered our personal lives via WhatsApp, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber and Spotify. Considerable investments are made to enable the digital transformation in the planning domain,...

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International Planning Inspiration Day

Planning for a better future together

We are EyeOn, innovative forecasting and planning experts. It is second nature for us to look ahead and realize high-impact improvements. Through optimizing value chains with our clients and colleagues we have direct impact on business and contribute to a better future at the same time. Let’s connect, let’s optimize and make it happen.