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We are specialists in Forecasting, Demand Management, S&OP,
Integral Business Management and Inventory Management

Forecast Services

Rely on our knowledgeable forecast professionals
to consistently execute forecast and inventory services.


Working at EyeOn is a great way to develop yourself as a person,
as an individual, as a professional in the field of planning
and forecasting.



Demand Planning in uncertain times

A new chapter opens for demand planning in times like these.

Creating E2E visibility

Creating end-to-end insight for the supply chain is the key starting position for avoiding unnecessary waste, obsolete stocks and product shortages.

Scenario Planning

With such unpredictable supply and demand, changing plans becomes a daily activity.

Inventory optimization

In times when supply and demand are volatile, inventory optimization must be a priority.


Accelerate decision-making in the supply chain through implementing Sales & Operations Execution.

Supply planning improvement

You know the control of your supply planning processes falls short of the mark.


Part 2: How to get out of Excel Hell

Part 2: How to get out of Excel Hell

1. Help everyone understand the current situation A highly capable employee will experience friction if the technology he has does not fit the current processes or data. The employee is then likely to create a solution in Excel to bridge the gap. This principle is...

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Primary Steps for a Successful Data-Science Journey

Primary Steps for a Successful Data-Science Journey

For a more efficient Business or Inventory Management it’s better for every organisation to become more data-driven. Data-drivenness is about building tools, abilities, and, most crucially, a culture that acts on data. Here are the primary key points to consider...

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International Planning Inspiration Day

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