EyeOn sponsors DG500m

Bram Bongaerts   |   June 15, 2012   |  

EyeOn is proud to announce the sponsorship of the DG500m sailplane, which is flown by a team of 6 pilots including Bram Bongaerts of EyeOn. The sailplane with registration “D-KBTR” is a modern 2-seater with 22m wingspan and equipped with flaps and engine, giving it self-launching capabilities. It’s home base is Vredepeel. The sailplane was fitted with the EyeOn logo on the tail section and www.eyeon.nl below the front canapé. 

From June 18 until June 30 the team will compete in the EuroGlide challenge. In 10 days, the teams need to cover a set route of 2400km starting in Eindhoven, passing Germany, Slovakia, and Poland. The finish will be in Malden. Check http://euroglide.nl/news.php for news and daily reports.

Freek Aertsen, André Vriens, Andries Mulder & Loek Lemmens at the tail of the plane.

Andries Mulder, Freek Aertsen, Loek Lemmens & André Vriens at the front.

Loek Lemmens & Andries Mulder inside the sailplane.

The sailplane.

Bram Bongaerts

Bram Bongaerts

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