'Optimize your S&OP Performance' event by EyeOn and Anaplan

Jan Veerman   |   April 03, 2017   |  

Thursday the 30th of March 2017 EyeOn hosted the ‘Optimize your S&OP Performance’ event together with Anaplan at the Creative Valley at Papendorp.

The 20 participants enjoyed an inspiring agenda this afternoon:

  • How to configure for Success – by Freek Aertsen (EyeOn)
  • Why is Anaplan different? – by Martin Visser (Anaplan)
  • Anaplan in Action – by Joris Verhoeven (Anaplan)
  • Optimize S&OP Performance – by Klaas Jan van Roosmalen (Opple)

Freek Aertsen discussed the quality of decisions by the axis process-, information- and behavioral quality. Anaplan presented the flexibility of the platform by the ‘build from scratch’ demo. Klaas Jan van Roosmalen  of Opple explained the challenges as a start up (in Europe) and evolving from an Excel user to the more robust planning platform Anaplan and the added value the Anaplan implementation does bring Opple.

The interactions during the presentations and the discussions with the attendees at the drinks afterwards showed an increased interest in the Anaplan platform.

Next event will be a combined effort between Anaplan, Tableau and EyeOn. This event will demonstrate that the new Cloud based solutions do support agile planning processes and reporting and analytics. Date to be confirmed (planning: June 2017). Please let us know if you are interested to join via academy@eyeon.nl

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