EyeOn Switzerland agenda for 2017

Loek Lemmens   |   February 15, 2017   |  

We are proud to present our full agenda of events for 2017 dedicated to the Swiss community. As the world faces increasing and at times unprecedented changes, these events aim at sharing, inspiring and strengthening the community of practitioners on the frontlines of Planning and forecasting. More than 200 companies participated in our previous editions of events in Switzerland, The Netherland, Belgium, Germany and Ireland, thereby confirming the interest for this community of practice. The network allows you to share experiences and best-practices concerning Planning and Forecasting with peer companies. Joining the EyeOn events allows you to discuss the challenges that you are facing in your day-to-day business. Participation of these events are free-of charge.

For more information about the Swiss calender, check the leaflet here.

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