Know your planning improvement potential: EyeOn Scans

Edward Versteijnen   |   December 17, 2015   |  

If you have the feeling that you can gain a lot in your planning, but can not put a finger on it, an EyeOn Scan can help you to get quick insight. 

Fast Forecast Scan

  • Structured insight into demand behavior based on product segmentation.
  • Potential forecast accuracy that can be reached using statistical forecasting.
  • Benchmark potential forecast accuracy with the current forecast performance.

Inventory Scan

  • Full insight in composition of current inventory and savings potential.
  • Optimal safety stock settings.
  • Excel report and model to be used to assess various what-if scenarios. 

Promotion Forecast Scan

  • Promotional drivers: which factors really have impact.
  • Promotional Impact: value / waste risk / availability need.
  • Promotional Volatility: liftfactor fluctuations.
  • Next steps to structurally improve your promotion forecast. 

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