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The specialized consultancy firm, EyeOn, held its biennial ‘Planning Inspiration Day’ at the 100-year-old Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam on Thursday 12th November, 2015. Attended by over 300 participants from many leading organisations, the one-day event was a unique opportunity for sharing ideas on the latest developments in the field of forecasting and planning. 

Building on its solid reputation for improving the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities, EyeOn is a Netherlands-based consultancy firm that is well known among the forecasting and planning organisations of world-leading brands across main industries, such as Process, High-Tech, FMCG, Life Science and Healthcare. EyeOn remains innovative through its close involvement in research projects carried out in collaboration with Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Eindhoven University. The results of this and other pioneering work and experience is used to stimulate EyeOn participants at Planning Inspiration Day (PID) 2015, a biennial event to which customers, partner companies, industry analysts and visionaries are invited.

PID2015 is the third such event held by EyeOn and kicked off this time with a reminder that the 150 participating companies represent a total planning value of US$ 1 trillion, which is more than the GDP of The Netherlands. “We support our clients in managing the internal complexity of their companies by designing, implementing and executing the best possible planning processes that will improve their business performance,” says Andries Mulder, one of EyeOn’s founding partners. “Good forecasting is important because it increases supply chain efficiency and directly impacts company results. On this special day, knowledge and experience is shared among like-minded specialists in an open environment that promotes new insights and innovation in the field.”

Some 33 presentations /workshop sessions gave participants ample opportunity to zero in on areas of specific interest and also to interact with their peers. Subjects covered all major aspects of forecasting and planning, while speakers included academics, guest customers, partner companies and tool providers, in addition to EyeOn specialists.

Making her first appearance at a Planning Inspiration Day event was guest speaker, research analyst and leading supply-chain visionary, Lora Cerere, who came over from America to give an insight into developments, trends and issues she sees in the area of forecasting and planning. This was followed by a keynote address by the author, entrepreneur and visionary, Yuri van Geest, who spoke about the impact of a new type of organization referred to in the best-selling Amazon book as ‘Exponential Organisations’ or ExOs. These will be a vital part of every business strategy if companies are to adequately cope with a ‘tsunami’ of exponential growth coming their way. A third keynote address was given by renowned trend-watcher, Sander Duivestein, who sketched how new technologies are already having on people business and strategy.

Due to the continuing success of the event, a further Planning Inspiration Day event will be held in 2017 at a yet-to-be-decided location.

The presentations of the PID2015 can be found here.


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