Third Planning Inspiration Day

EyeOn   |   October 28, 2015   |  

Looking for global planning and forecasting inspiration for the next two years? Leading business planning and control firm, EyeOn is hosting the largest biannual European planning and forecasting conference for planning specialists. This Planning Inspiration Day 2015 (PID2015) at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) takes place on 12 November 2015.

Stay ahead of the game
A planning specialist, your goal is optimal performance in forecasting and planning. This conference offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and gain critical knowledge to stay ahead of the game.

SO&P inspiration
The third PID event is a platform to discuss innovative topics and best practices in Sales and Operations Planning (SO&P). During more than 30 presentations and workshops, you can share ideas and brainstorm with peers about topics you find challenging. Having gained new insights into what specialists face, EyeOn responds by developing innovative practical models and tools to improve its customers’ service.

Hot topics: data analysis and human planning behavior
European forerunner in forecasting and planning, EyeOn has picked two trending themes for discussion: data analytics and human planning behavior. What are the best practices for collecting, analyzing and managing data? How do you reach company goals without personal objectives interfering? The keynote speaker is US enterprise strategist Lora Cecere. Lora is a visionary in supply chain planning and forecasting. Curious about how her smart supply chain and demand-driven advice can help your company perform better?

Join more than 300 colleagues by requesting an invitation now. The conference is invitation only.


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