Eyeon webinar – ‘Fit-for-Purpose tooling’ to gear your IBP processes

Jan Veerman   |   July 09, 2015   |  


Markets are recovering and companies often have difficulties to respond to changes in their business environment. There is a need for an Integrated Business Planning process that is flexible and supports quick decision making. A typical ‘speed bump’ companies are facing in their IBP process are data consolidation and validation for analysis.

In this webinar we have shown how a planning tool like Anaplan can be used for next generation IBP processes. Via a simple prototype we have demonstrated the possibilities of Value based Scenario Planning, Flexible Reporting and ability to quickly adapt Planning Views to support the IBP process.

Below you can find:

  • A short introduction to the prototype that we used in this webinar and an overview of the questions and answers that we discussed during the webinar.
  • The recording of the webinar.

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