Celebration winners Forecast Challenge 2013!

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Yesterday the winners of the Forecast Challenge 2013 were invited to Croy Castle to pick up their prize. We celebrated the achievement of these top three forecasters, they did very well! The final ranking was as following:

Ranking Name Points
1 Rob van den Berg (ArjoHuntleigh) 505
2 Piet Vandenheede (Barco nv) 496
3 Marco Van Duijnhoven (Cisco) 496

Because Piet and Marco ended with the same amount of points, they had to answer an extra question before the end of May. The question “How warm was it on average in De Bilt (Netherlands) in May 2013 (answer in one decimal)” was forecasted best by Piet. His answer of 11,9 degrees came closest to the average of 11,5 degrees.

Feedback from the two winners was that they really investigated all questions before providing their answer, so despite the fact that they were no experts on the topics asked in the questions, a profound preparation seemed to pay off.

Pictures of the award ceremony can be found below. We hope everyone enjoyed the challenge and hope to see you forecasting again next year! 


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