EyeOn Masterclass "Forecasting and Demand Management in Life Science Industry"

Loek Lemmens   |   December 10, 2012   |  

On the 28th – 30th of November 2012 EyeOn Organised a Master Class Forecasting and Demand Management in Life Science Industry. An international group coming from Iceland, Scotland, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands participated in the Master Class in Geneva.

Freek Aertsen, Professor in Supply Chain Management at TiasNimbas Business School, started the first day with the forecasting and demand management basics. These basics provided enough food for thought for the participants. There was also enough time to dive deeper in specific cases and discuss the S&OP challenges at the companies of the participants.

Renske Munsters, one of the EyeOn Applied Modelling specialists, provided the 2nd day a structured approach how to configure statistical parameters, setting statistical forecast tooling and how to implement statistical forecasting in practice. The afternoon was finalized with a statistical workshop.

Bram Bongaerts, an experienced life science consultant, provided more insight in the trade-offs in planning levels, horizons and planning buckets in a structured planning process. Several real life cases were discussed, including the cases of the participants. We closed the master class with a discussion on how to integrate tender management in the demand planning process.

The participants were unanimous enthusiastic about the content and settings of the Master Class.


The next Master Class Forecasting and Demand Management in Life Science Industry is planned in Basel from 17th – 19th of April 2013.

If you would like to attend this 3 day demand management training or request further information, please contact Loek Lemmens at Loek.Lemmens@EyeOn.nl.

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