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Jan Veerman   |   June 18, 2014   |   Solutions   |  

EyeOn was one of the sponsors of CFO Day 2014, held at Thursday the 5th of June in Noordwijk. Almost 600 Financial Directors and CFO’s attended this day to see the keynote presentation 'Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organisations are Changing the Rules of Business’ and a keynote presentation by the SVP Finance Europe Unilever regarding their ambitious growth targets, reduce the impact on the environment and increase their social impact.

In the first half of the afternoon there was room to attended several parallel sessions or network with peers. Our presentation ‘Effective Forecasting’ (with Bas Luten, Finance Director CSM International) was viewed by 50 Financials and received well. This presentation highlights the main challenges Finance is facing today and why the need to increase the effectiveness of planning & forecasting is so important. In the presentation we discussed 10 ways how to improve your forecast, see the checklist highlighting these 10 ways.

The day concluded with two keynotes, one regarding 'Een nieuwe Big Bang: strategie in het tijdperk van vernietigende innovaties’ and 'It is about people and attitude, not technology’ by Randstad. Concluding I can say a very well organised event by Alex van Groningen with the financial decision makers of corporate Netherlands and a successful event for us as well.

Photo: cfoday.nl

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