‘KeyOn’ is now ‘EyeOn Solutions’

Jan Veerman   |   January 27, 2014   |   Solutions   |  

EyeOn Solutions


As of January 1st 2014, ‘KeyOn’ will operate under the trade name ‘EyeOn Solutions’. Main reason for this change of name is in the increasing demand from our customers for faster implementation of innovative Forecasting and Planning systems. Such implementations require an even closer cooperation between process designers and ICT developers. As EyeOn, we prove that both disciplines work together as close as possible. This change of name has no consequences for the legal company structure.

EyeOn offers a portfolio of connected, specialist services to improve the Forecasting and Planning performance of leading organizations. This includes:

  • Projects and consultancy: develop and implement tailored forecasting and planning processes methods,
  • Interim+ planning: temporary forecasters, planners and planning managers staff, always with commitment to improvements,
  • EyeOn Forecast Services: delivering the best possible forecast at  lowest costs,
  • EyeOn Solutions: implement and develop innovative Forecasting and Planning systems,
  • EyeOn Academy: improving the performance of your in-house forecasting and planning staff.

For more information, please contact Andries Mulder (a.mulder@eyeon.nl).

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