Webinar about a Cloud-Based Sales & Operational Model

Jan Veerman   |   June 12, 2013   |   Solutions   |  

Achieving a Balance Between Inventories, Supply Costs and Service Levels through Accurate Forecasting of Market Demand

Dutch automotive group Bosal, supply a large variety of products to OEM’s like Audi, Volkswagen and General Motors. Through the creation of a cloud-based Sales & Operational Model built on the Anaplan platform, Bosal have created the ability to connect the S&OP process to the company's financial forecast resulting in reduced stock levels and increased customer satisfaction. 

Arthur van Bergen, Supply Chain Manager at Bosal, will explain the challenges faced and the drivers that led to the decision to work alongside Anaplan Partner KeyOn, to put in place an innovative new solution for the company. KeyOn will demonstrate the ease of use in a demo S&OP model, where the demand is forecasted and Marketing and Sales have the ability to override the generated forecast. The final forecast will be used to create a Production Plan based on target stock cover and offsets.

See how Anaplan enables Bosal to achieve a balance between inventories, supply costs and service levels through accurate forecasting of market demand.

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