Accept the EyeOn Forecast Challenge, become a forecast champion and win great prizes!

Jan Veerman   |   January 31, 2013   |   Solutions   |  


The dynamics of today’s world are rapidly changing. Most supply chain organizations have to deal with increasing complexity and uncertainty. Predicting tomorrow seems more difficult than ever. Pick up this challenge and prove that your forecasts beats others and win fabulous prizes!

EyeOn invites you to participate in the Forecast Challenge 2013. Issue your forecast on 7 challenging questions and compete with your peers in business to become the forecast champion.

Every other week, a question closes and points get assigned to those who have predicted best. Answers, personal scores and ranking can be tracked on the EyeOn Forecast Challenge webpage. After 7 playing rounds, the forecast champions are rewarded. 

Go to the Forecast Challenge webpage to join the challenge!

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