KeyOn & EyeOn hosted the network meeting "It’s time for change!"

Jan Veerman   |   November 23, 2012   |   Solutions   |  

EyeOn and KeyOn hosted a network meeting on change management on November 15th 2012. ‘It’s time for change’ was the message of the event. With this message in mind, EyeOn and KeyOn combined their efforts and  hosted a meeting together, for the first time.  This meeting provided insights into the challenges related to planning, budgeting and forecasting in the three areas of people, process and technology. Over 30 companies in the Food and FMCG industry shared and discussed their thoughts on successful change management. We would like to thank all participants for their inputs and enthusiasm during the day!

The presentations placed here give an overview of the different topics that were addressed.

The KeyOn & EyeOn Food & FMCG Team

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