KeyOn Belgium roundtable ‘The Future of Planning Technologies’

Jan Veerman   |   October 04, 2012   |   Solutions   |  

Many companies are searching for best in class planning solutions & systems to organize their business  and improve performance. The use of ERP systems is widely spread, but what is the added value of advanced planning systems and SaaS technology?

On September 27th KeyOn hosted the first Belgian Round Table on ‘The Future of Planning Technologies’’ in Edegem near Antwerp where the benefits of SaaS technologies were discussed in depth and new advanced planning tools were demonstrated. During the day various ideas and best practices in the planning domain were shared with participants and planning experts in the industry.

A KeyOn research program executed in 2011 in the Benelux  learned that there is still limited knowledge on SaaS technology and the use of Cloud Services. The advantages (lower costs through pay per use or other business models, no need  for IT support or maintenance infrastructure, flexibility, …)  are recognized throughout the industry, but companies and IT professionals are still hesitating to overcome potential risks on security and obvious dependencies on the reliability of internet connections.

Bosal, a leading automotive manufacturer of exhaust systems, tow bars and accessories, presented how they implemented SaaS technology to support their new S&OP process and inventory planning. Starting with a robust process description, they fully configured their needs in Anaplan, a cloud enabled, low-cost business analytics and performance management application. The entire set-up and implementation for Bosal’s global business was accomplished in less than 6 months time.

Demos of Exceedra and Steelwedge, market leaders in developing planning solutions in the cloud, showed the huge opportunities and broad functionality of SaaS planning technology with regard to commercial planning, demand and promotion planning, S&OP support, scenario planning and integrated business planning. These tools use an open software architecture and frontend user friendly interfaces in a highly adjustable environment. Reporting is flexible and easy to configure according to the requirements of the user. Security is strictly setup and complies to all regulations.

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