KeyOn asked to create a software program for VGZ

Jan Veerman   |   July 23, 2012   |   Solutions

VGZ is one of the largest Health Insurance companies in the Netherlands with over 4.2 million customers. With this large amount of customers, the communication to and handling of declarations from customers is still done by mail. VGZ receives large amounts of letters on a daily base which need to be processed. 

KeyOn is asked to create a software program to input the number of kilos of mail the mail department receives on a daily base. The number of kilos and bundles is never the same and will vary by day of the week and month, specific marketing actions of VGZ can have a large influence of the amount of post VGZ receives in the next days. The software program will be used to plan the amount of staff needed to handle the amount of work per day. It supports the entry of the amount of time worked on a specific task, so benchmark figures can be created to increase the quality of the planning and the quality of the staff. Hereby the planning improves as well as the quality of the output of the employees resulting in a reduction of operational costs.

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