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Eric Eggenhuizen   |   April 20, 2016   |   Process   |  

On the 13th and 14th of April EyeOn participated at Logichem in Antwerpen, Europe's Leading Chemical Supply Chain and Logistics Event. EyeOn hosted a masterclass on “How to organize your planning organization”. The key insights from the discussion:

  • The main drivers for organizing demand planning central or decentral are market dynamics / company culture / supply chain set-up.
  • The main drivers for organizing supply planning central or decentral are supply chain set-up / stability of the production / need and availability of tacit knowledge about production site.
  • Through an interactive vote the natural characteristics of a few typical supply chain stakeholders were identified. The demand planner role typically has a fact based and process controlling characteristics (White & Blue hat). Both the supply planner and operations manager role typically have fact-based and realistic / critical characteristics (White & Black hat). The sales manager typically has intuitive and optimistic characteristics (Red & Green hat). As the required skill set for supply chain planning roles further increases, the availability of required talent also drives the decision where to position a role.

For more information or questions on this topic please contact stijn.rutjes@eyeon.nl or ieke.leblanc@eyeon.nl

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