26th of March - EyeOn Process round table event at Croy Castle - Planning for supply uncertainty

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All across industries, customers have become more demanding in terms of reliable performance along with a pressure to reduce stock levels in the supply chain As a result, uncertainty in either demand or supply has made the supply chain more volatile. As supply chain planning professionals we react to supply uncertainty in different directions.

Drive uncertainty reduction initiatives
By truly understanding the sources of supply uncertainty, one can define countermeasures to cope with these uncertainties. Typically this boils down in lean six sigma kind of projects. These projects aim to structurally reduce uncertainty by implementing solutions for the root-causes.

Plan for uncertainty
Despite the good intentions of uncertainty reduction initiatives, we will never be able to control all factors for uncertainty in supply. Somehow we need to accept uncertainty as a fact of life and prepare for it. For example by counter measures on the supply side like installing extra safety stock, have alternative sourcing options and spare capacity in place. On the demand side, if it really goes wrong, clear customer prioritization and allocation will limit the long-term impact on business performance.

Agenda network meeting
On March 26, 2015 EyeOn will host a round table for planning & forecasting professionals in the process industry. We will welcome you at Croy Castle from 09.00 - 16.30. 

The detailed agenda for the day can be find in this leaflet.

The EyeOn Process Industry team looks forward to meeting you on
March 26th!

With warm regards,
The EyeOn Process Industry team

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