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Collaboration in supply chain:
`How to involve suppliers, customers, procurement & sales`

Companies in the process industry have been focusing on optimizing their internal supply chain over the years. A next step to improve efficiency, optimize service levels and reduce inventories and costs is to start supply chain collaboration within the company and with your external parties.

Successful collaboration relies on the development of mutual trust between you and your partners, as well as the willingness to share information that can benefit all the members of your collaborative team. The goal is to treat all suppliers, outsourcing partners, customers, and service providers as an extension of your organization and to create a win-win outcome for all parties.
Supply chain collaboration can take place upstream between your company and your suppliers and outsourcing partners, downstream between you and your customers, and within your organization. So, every company should develop a roadmap on how and where to implement supply chain collaboration.


Demand Planners, Forecasters, S&OP Managers, Demand Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Sales Managers, Purchasing Managers, Supply Chain Directors
Tuesday October 7th 2014
Welcome 9.30h
Programme 10.00-17.00h
Near Antwerp, exact location will be defined later.

If you haven't received an invitation and wish to join, please contact Noëlle Langenhuijzen (noelle.langenhuijzen@eyeon.nl)

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