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Risk Management In S&OP at the EyeOn Knowledge Network Meeting

On May 14th, EyeOn hosted a knowledge-network meeting on Risk Management in S&OP. Participants from over 20 companies joined the session at Croy Castle. They were inspired by a day full of knowledge sharing and networking ...

Stijn Rutjes   |   May 26, 2014   |   Process

Upcoming idea-labs & expert sessions for the EyeOn Process Industry network

In recent weeks we've asked our network members for their preference on topics for EyeOn Idea-Labs and Expert Sessions during 2014. Idea-Labs & Expert Sessions are short network sessions dedicated to a single ...

Eric Eggenhuizen   |   April 02, 2014   |   Process

Master Class Inventory Management

  This EyeOn inventory management training is designed to introduce the key concepts and core requirements needed to design and implement robust inventory management practices that drive your business. WhoInventory Managers, ...

Eric Eggenhuizen   |   April 01, 2014   |   Process

Risk Management in S&OP at the EyeOn Process Roundtable

Growing supply chain complexities mean that companies become ever more exposed to supply chain risks. How to take market- & company risks along in the S&OP process? WhoProcess Industry Network membersWhatProcess Roundtable, ...

Eric Eggenhuizen   |   February 04, 2014   |   Process

Idealab: How to bring Allocation Management into practice?

Due to the capital intensive nature of production, the generally long lead times, and a strong regulatory focus, supply flexibility for many companies in both Life Science and Process Industry is limited. As a consequence, ...

Stijn Rutjes   |   August 14, 2013   |   Process

New concepts for inventory control processes by EyeOn

On March 20th, EyeOn hosted a knowledge-network meeting on inventory control in an ever-changing world for companies in the process industry. On the short-term, inventory management and control is key to deliver against the ...

Stijn Rutjes   |   April 10, 2013   |   Process

Inventory control in an ever-changing world

Program for upcoming Process Network Meeting “How to reduce working capital?”, “How to allocate stocks in case of scarcity?”, “How to manage safety stocks?“. Critical customers demand high ...

Eric Eggenhuizen   |   March 19, 2013   |   Process

Successful expert session: "Using external indicators in demand planning"

On February 19th 2013 the EyeOn Process network hosted an expert session on how to use external indicators in demand planning. Please read below, findings of this succesful expert session. Demand and sales patterns have become ...

[onbekend]   |   February 25, 2013   |   Process

February 19th 2013 EyeOn Expert Session - Using external indicators in demand planning

During the EyeOn process event of November 8th, Rockwool explained how their demand planning is supported by the use of external indicators. Using statistical regression, it was demonstrated that the residential building ...

[onbekend]   |   January 10, 2013   |   Process

Stop forecasting, make a robust plan!

As business complexity grows, the need for accurate demand planning rises more and more to be able to steer adequate business planning. This has led to growing focus on efficient demand planning processes and sophisticated ...

[onbekend]   |   November 26, 2012   |   Process

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