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Operational support in short and midterm supply and inventory planning at DSM

EyeOn provides the BU Cultures of DSM Food Specialties operational support in their short and midterm supply and inventory planning. As a result of the acquisition of Cargill’s ...
Sander Hulsen   |   February 01, 2013   |   Process

Rockwool asked EyeOn to extend project to the Belgian construction market

During the past six months, EyeOn has been successfully developing a supportive midterm demand forecasting tool for Rockwool Benelux. During the project, the existence of certain causal ...
[onbekend]   |   January 28, 2013   |   Process

Interim Supply Planning Management at Eastman Chemical

Eastman Chemical

At Eastman Middelburg Eyeon will fulfill the role of interim supply planner to support the planning department in the operational planning activities....
[onbekend]   |   September 24, 2012   |   Process

EyeOn supports DSM in the design of an Advanced Planning Tool


EyeOn is supporting DSM Food Specialties in defining a functional design document that will be used to implement OMP’s advanced planning tool. In a number of consecutive workshops, ...
Stijn Rutjes   |   August 13, 2012   |   Process

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