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Statistical forecasting model at Tanatex


Tanatex would like to determine the added value of a statistical forecast in their planning processes. Therefore, EyeOn will analyze the demand pattern; determine optimal statistical ...
Stijn Rutjes   |   August 07, 2013   |   Process

EyeOn delivers Project Manager for Kemira


For Kemira, EyeOn delivers a project manager that is responsible for the implementation of an EMEA wide Available-to-Promise (ATP) and MRP within their  SAP system. This project ...
Stijn Rutjes   |   August 05, 2013   |   Process

EyeOn supply chain scan at Cargill Provimi


Cargill Provimi, a leading producer of animal feeds, specialized in the development and production of premixes, concentrates and additives, asked EyeOn to perform a supply chain scan ...
Ieke le Blanc   |   July 25, 2013   |   Process

Risk Management for Electronics at Corbion

In order to provide customers from the electronics industry with sound risk mitigation strategies. Interviews with Sales, QA, Operations & Supply Chain was processed into a Business ...
[onbekend]   |   March 11, 2013   |   Process

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