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Demand Planning Masterclass for Kemira

EyeOn will support the European and US Demand Planners of Kemira via an in-house Demand Planning Masterclass. Via this masterclass EyeOn will help Kemira’s demand planners to ...
Stijn Rutjes   |   March 31, 2015   |   Process

EyeOn supply chain planning scan at Recticel Bedding

Recticel Beddings, a leading European producer of fully finished mattresses, slats and beds, asked EyeOn to perform a supply chain planning. EyeOn will analyze current planning practices ...
Ieke le Blanc   |   July 14, 2014   |   Process

Redesign of demand planning processes at LyondellBasell

To reach a higher level of maturity in demand planning EyeOn will support LyondellBasell in the redesign of their demand planning processes. For this project EyeOn will analyze LyondellBasell’s ...
Eric Eggenhuizen   |   August 14, 2013   |   Process

EyeOn supporting Cargill in Planning Process Design


EyeOn is supporting Cargill starches & sweeteners in the definition of the functional requirements for implementation of Demand-, Supply Planning and Scheduling for all production ...
Stijn Rutjes   |   August 09, 2013   |   Process

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