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Loek Lemmens   |   April 26, 2016   |   Life Science   |  

On the 19th of April EyeOn hosted the Inspiration Session ‘How to organize your planning organization‘ at LogiPharma in Montreux, Europe's Leading Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Logistics Event. The key insights from the discussion:

  • The main drivers for organizing demand planning central or decentral are the market dynamics, the company culture and the supply chain set-up.
  • The main drivers for organizing supply planning central or decentral are the supply chain set-up, stability of the production and the need and availability of tacit knowledge about production site.
  • Through an interactive discussion the characteristics of a few typical supply chain roles were identified. As the required skill set for supply chain planning roles further increases, the availability of required talent also drives the decision where to position a role.

For more information or questions on this topic please contact bram.bongaerts@eyeon.nl or loek.lemmens@eyeon.nl

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