On the 23rd of March EyeOn hosted the webinar 'End-to-End Planning in Life Science’

Jan Veerman   |   March 30, 2016   |   Life Science   |  

Changing market conditions and continued consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry constantly challenge the supply chain and force quick adaptations to change. To maintain control over the global supply chain this requires that companies plan their supply chain end-to-end.

Lengthy and complex planning networks and scattered IT landscapes however make it difficult from the start to create true end-to-end visibility. Network visibility therefore is a challenge in itself but it’s the key driver to enable making the right planning decisions at the tactical level.

Successful end-to-end planning on a tactical level means having overview and control of your supply network for the midterm planning horizon (generally the 6 to 24 or 6 to 36 month horizon). Tactical planning allows you to steer your business in the right direction.

In this context EyeOn has developed a planning model that supports companies in planning the end-to-end supply chain. The following requirements form the basis of the solution: 

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