Key building blocks for an effective customer driven S&OP at the EyeOn Life Science Network Meeting

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An effective customer driven S&OP

Key building blocks for a step-by-step approach to S&OP success

On the 19th and 20th of November 2014 EyeOn hosted the 9th Life Science Network Meeting at Croy Castle. The network meeting offered the participants a pre-event discussion on the 19th and full day of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities on the 20th. A great contribution to the discussions and content came from network guest speakers of Allergan (Tom Daunt) and Synthes (Marco Verhoeven).

The presentations and discussions throughout the network meeting were centered around the key building blocks that enable a successful and customer driven Sales and Operations Planning process. See here for the introductory presentation.

The building blocks can be summarized as follows:

1. Set clear planning objectives and make timely decisions.
2. Make S&OP a regular process with predefined steps.
3. Make relevant information immediately available to all stakeholders.
4. Use statistics to generate the baseline demand forecast.
5. Enrich the baseline demand forecast.
6. Enrich the planning for events.
7. Identify supply issues / risks and propose mitigation scenarios.
8. Optimize the inventory.
9. Anticipate product-portfolio changes with an effective new product-introduction process.
10. Support planning processes with IT tools that suit business dynamics and complexity.
11. Enlist planners with the right skills to improve accuracy.
12. Embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

The network meeting highlighted once more that Sales and Operations planning and its underlying processes, supportive tools and involvement and ownership of key people are of vital importance for all participating companies. S&OP is high on the agenda, and for most companies there are still some steps to be made in terms of process maturity and results.  See here for the results of a poll amongst the participants.

Planning of the next network meeting:
The next network meeting will be scheduled for April/May 2015. We would like to ask all network members to provide us with their challenging planning & supply chain topics to set the agenda for the next network event. We are looking forward to meeting all of you on our next network meeting or one of our other events.

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