EyeOn report: Effective Customer Driven S&OP in the Medical Device industry

Joost Rongen   |   October 03, 2014   |   Life Science   |  

Today, sales and operations planning (S&OP) is considered as being the key means to execute corporate strategy. A successful S&OP process aligns an organization strategically to execute tactically. But the road to S&OP excellence is often hampered by complexity. For instance, data acquisition and analysis, or process governance, may be difficult to achieve, resulting in the process becoming hard to execute. 

Research shows that setting up a successful S&OP often falls short for the following reasons:

• Lack of clarity of planning objectives.
• Lack of effective decision making.
• Irregularity of process.
• Lack of use of statistics.
• Lack of focus on where value can be added.
• Inadequate baseline-demand-forecast and event-planning.
• Limited insight into (potential) supply issues & risks.
• Poorly differentiated product and service-level requirements.
• Poorly anticipated product portfolio changes.
• Use of IT tools that do not adequately support the planning process.

This report introduces EyeOn’s 12 building blocks that compresses the path towards achieving game-changing benefits by following a step-by-step approach to S&OP success in the Medical Device industry.

This EyeOn report is the second in an EyeOn series on planning and forecasting in the life science industry.

For additional information on this subject please contact Joost.Rongen@EyeOn.nl or Loek.Lemmens@EyeOn.nl

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