Idealab: How to bring Allocation Management into practice?

Bram Bongaerts   |   August 14, 2013   |   Life Science   |  

Due to the capital intensive nature of production, the generally long lead times, and a strong regulatory focus, supply flexibility for many companies in both Life Science and Process Industry is limited. As a consequence, companies need to deal with shortages from time to time. A good S&OP process should guarantee that supply and demand are (re-)balanced at a high level. But how do you secure on operational level that the order intake does not exceed the limited capacity and/or available stock? How do you make sure that critical customers are being supplied? Ultimately you don’t want to overpromise to your customers and the supply chain should live up to the expectations. How do you manage this process of shortage driven demand execution in a structured way? In this idea lab participants from various industries will share their ideas on how to bring allocation management into practice.

Date: September 26th 2013 (by invitation only)
Time: 1
5:00 - 18:00h


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