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Active discussion on inventory management at the Life Science Network Meeting

The 7th EyeOn Life Science Network Meeting took place at Croy Castle on May the 23rd 2013. Throughout the day the members of the Life Science network shared ideas and raised questions about effective inventory management. ...

Bart Paridaen   |   June 05, 2013   |   Life Science

Restore margins in emerging markets

Lists of top trends for the pharmaceutical industry are well known and have hardly changed in the last years. Especially the development of emerging markets has risen as one of the few promising trends in the last decade. ...

Bram Bongaerts   |   May 29, 2013   |   Life Science

Planningexpert Joost Rongen spreker bij kick off FM Club

Ruim 100 finance professionals wisten ondanks de regen en drukte op de snelwegen hun weg te vinden naar de eerste FM Club bijeenkomst bij gastheer Exact in Delft. Het nieuwe initiatief van Alex van Groningen heeft als doel ...

Joost Rongen   |   May 22, 2013   |   Life Science

Effective inventory management: Programme Life Science Network Meeting:

On May 23rd, EyeOn will host the 7th Life Science Network Meeting. The subject of this inspiring day will be "Effective inventory management". Please find below a short introduction and the detailed programme of this day; ...

Joost Rongen   |   May 06, 2013   |   Life Science

EyeOn Life Science Masterclass "Forecasting and Demand Management"

Who:      Demand Planners, Forecasters, Inventory Planners, S&OP Managers, Demand Analysts, Supply Chain Managers. When:    April 17th, 18th & 19th 2013 Where:  Basel, ...

Bart Paridaen   |   February 01, 2013   |   Life Science

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