Life Science Breakfast Session: Outsourcing & technology transfers

Life Science Breakfast Session: Outsourcing & technology transfers

Life Science companies, specifically pharmaceutical companies, are continuously (re)considering their supply chain design. Products and product groups are transferred within the existing owned supply chain or are outsourced / out licensed to toll manufactures or CMO’s. Reasons vary from reducing cost of goods, tax optimization to gaining technologies that deliver a competitive edge or to realize local substance. These transfers more often require regulatory filing with the associated validation and qualification. A time consuming, multidisciplinary and complex set of activities. As a consequence, the role of planning is instrumental for a smooth transfer, preventing obsolescence or stock outs and even for helping to ensure compliance.

In this breakfast session, you can share your challenges and get recent insights to answer questions like:

  • Which regulatory and quality related aspects of the project make the transfer plan easier, and which make it more difficult?
  • Which stakeholders and experts need to be involved and aware in which part of the transfer, relating to planning related topics?
  • What are best practices for developing a transfer plan, bridging plan and ramp up / ramp down scenarios?


   December 13th 2016 / 08:00 - 10:00
  Vught, the Netherlands
  Typical participants are planning managers, planning directors, SCM managers, controllers and other planning stakeholders 
  Free of charge, breakfast included!

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