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On June 7th 2012 the EyeOn High Tech team hosted its first Inspiration Day. During this successful day, guest were interviewed to give you a glance of their ideas and impressions. To capture this day, OnoOno created a great magazine! 

Reed more about the following subjects in the digital magazine below;

  • Process guards: Looking to the future with seven of the EyeOn High Tech team guests and one chatelaine.
  • Eye on EyeOn’s High Tech team: What drives them?
  • Keynote quotes: How to bend frustration into an invention by Anton Langeler (O’Neill).
  • How additive manufacturing (3D printing) shapes our future by Jurgen Laudus (Materialise).
  • The inspiration sessions: Each workshop seen through the eyes of the facilitator and an EyeOn guest.
  • Trending topic: drink from a Dopper and support Simavi.

Website: www.ono-ono.nl 

Download the magazine here.

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