High Tech network event at the Antwerp ZOO about "The S&OP pitfalls & trends"

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Picture 1: The High Tech participants in front of their ancestors

May 21st 2015 the 16th EyeOn High Tech network event took place. This time the great and historical venue of the Antwerp ZOO provided a completely different atmosphere than around 30 business people are used to in their day to day job.

The day was filled with presentations and of course a ZOO tour, where our ancestors could be admired.

Program of the day

1. Sales & Operations Planning “Pitfalls & Trends”  by Freek Aertsen
Freek explained the essential implementation steps in the trajectory to come to a great S&OP process. Thirteen steps to get to an effective S&OP process were illuminated from a people, process and information point of view.

Picture 2: Essential areas in the effective S&OP process

Key learnings based on scientific academic research in the planning behavior area were presented and gave plenty food for thought. Ever thought of the impact of small or big forecast changes made by the demand planner? Ever thought of the impact on forecast accuracy of manual changes to the statistical baseline forecast?

2. UTC Fire & Security: “Planning & Forecasting” by Leo Boer
The practical implementation experience of a forecasting tool where the risks and learnings where presented. A key message is that the organization and the tools should be in line, otherwise accidents are likely to happen.

Picture 3: Risks when moving too fast during S&OP implementation!

3. ASML:  “Supply chain challenges” by Ruud de Coninck
ASML is an example of complexity in all the veins of the company. Controlling a super High Tech product in combination with a supply chain with incredible depth and challenges (did you know it takes eight airplanes to ship the latest EUV equipment!) is a huge planning effort dealt with day by day.

4. Lely Industries: “The S&OP journey” by Bart Kuijpers
Presented where the learnings of a tool implementation and the according process change. Explained was how the company moved from a “selling the production plan”  to a “producing what the market needs” situation. 

Picture 4: Lely Industries is the Dutch agricultural top innovator

5. Interactive session: “S&OP,  the next step” by Stephan Wouters
In this hour the audience was interactively involved by providing answers to questions via their smart phones. This was the starting point for further open discussion on the subject of S&OP implementation.

For further details on the learnings you can get in touch with the High Tech team: 

Freek Aertsen:  freek.aertsen@eyeon.nl
Emile van Geel: emile.vangeel@eyeon.nl
Stephan Wouters: stephan.wouters@eyeon.nl
Marco van Alfen: marco.vanalfen@eyeon.nl
Paul Husslage: paul.husslage@eyeon.nl
Sander Hulsen: sander.hulsen@eyeon.nl
Tom Vaessen: tom.vaessen@eyeon.nl
Luc van Wouwe: luc.vanwouwe@eyeon.nl
Renske Munsters: renske.munsters@eyeon.nl


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