Company visit at Damen Shipyards

Paul Husslage   |   December 15, 2014   |   High tech   |  

November 20th the EyeOn High Tech team organized a very special event in Vlissingen at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS). At this event we got a close look to one of the navy vessels DSNS is currently building for the Indonesian government and we learned about the planning and logistics of these large projects. 

This project is a big puzzle; engineering, purchasing and production taking place at three different ship yards around the world. Before visiting the building yard, Frank Verhelst, Manager Project Department at DSNS, explained how DSNS deals with this challenge by having an effective logistic and planning process. Also, a short insight into the sales and product development was given by Robin Brouwer (DSNS) and René Meijn (DSNS) explained about the challenges of Engineering. 

We had a group of 28 people from 15 different companies, combined with a very cool product (war vessels) this resulted in an interesting day for everyone!

Paul Husslage

Paul Husslage

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